High qualified visitors


Visitors from 34 countries of Latin America and Caribbean:

  • Armed and Security forces
  • Civil defense forces and private operators
  • All the Security & Defense buyers of the sub-continent
expodefensa 2019 - Visitors

Official Delegations

Among Official Delegations invited by the Minister of National Defense of Colombia:

  • Defense Ministers and Home Affairs Ministers
  • Secretaries of State
  • National Directors
  • Chiefs of Staff
  • Security Officials

Invited by Organizer :

  • Senior Armed Forces
  • Directors of Home Security services
  • Heads of armed forces procurement
  • Critical infrastructures and sensitive areas managers (ports, airports, railways, subways, touristic and sports facilities)
  • Heads of strategic industrial sites (oil and gas and mine sites…)
  • Urban authorities
expodefensa 2019 - Official Delegations

Expodefensa VIP Experts

Expodefensa invites as VIPs high level experts, whose influence is a deciding factor in the process of procurement and for operations concerning their national Security & Defense Forces:

  • Program Executive Officers
  • Program Managers
  • Chiefs of Operations and/or Logistics Divisions
  • key personnel from Technical Test Centres,
  • High profile individuals from private and commercial companies or local bodies
expodefensa 2019 - VIP Experts